DrvFillPath (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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This function fills a drawing path with a brush. DrvFillPath is an optional entry point to handle the filling of closed paths.

BOOL DrvFillPath(
  SURFOBJ* pso,
  PATHOBJ* ppo,
  CLIPOBJ* pco,
  BRUSHOBJ* pbo,
  POINTL* pptlBrushOrg,
  MIX mix,
  FLONG flOptions


[in] Pointer to a SURFOBJ structure that defines the surface on which to draw.
[in] Pointer to a PATHOBJ structure that defines the path to fill. The PATHOBJ_XXX functions enumerate the lines, Bezier curves, and other data that constitutes the path.
[in] Pointer to a CLIPOBJ structure. The CLIPOBJ_XXX functions enumerate the clip region as a set of rectangles.
[in] Pointer to a BRUSHOBJ structure that defines the pattern and colors used to fill the closed path. This parameter should be dereferenced only if the fill operation specified in the mix parameter requires the use of a brush. For example, if mix is set to BLACKNESS, pbo is not defined and should not be dereferenced.
[in] Pointer to a POINTL structure that defines the brush origin, which is used to align the brush pattern on the device.
[in] MIX structure that defines the foreground and background raster operations to use for the brush.
[in] Not used, set to NULL.

Return Values

The return value is TRUE if the driver is able to fill the path. If the path or clipping is too complex for the driver to handle, and should be handled by GDI, the return value is FALSE, and an error code is not logged. If the driver encounters an unexpected error, such as not being able to realize the brush, the return value is DDI_ERROR, and an error code is logged.


The mix mode defines how the incoming pattern should be mixed with the data already on the device surface. The MIX structure consists of two ROP2 values packed into a single ULONG. The low-order byte defines the foreground raster operation; the high-order byte defines the background raster operation.


OS Versions: Windows CE 1.0 and later.
Header: Winddi.h.
Link Library: Ddi_ati_lib.lib, Ddi_flat_lib.lib, Ddi_gx_lib.lib, Ddi_mq200_lib.lib, Ddi_nop_lib.lib, Ddi_rflat_lib.lib, Ddi_rgx_lib.lib, or Ddi_tvia5_lib.lib.

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