DrvCreateDeviceBitmap (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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This function creates and manages bitmap files.

HBITMAP DrvCreateDeviceBitmap(
  DHPDEV dhpdev,
  SIZEL sizl,
  ULONG iFormat


[in] PDEV that describes the physical device that an application has designated as the primary target for a bitmap. The format of the bitmap must be compatible with this physical device.
[in] SIZEL structure that contains the width and height of the bitmap to be created. The cx and cy members of this structure contain respectively, the bitmap's width and height, in pixels. A SIZEL structure is identical to a SIZE structure.
[in] Bitmap format, which indicates the required number of bits of color information per pixel, and always matches the format of the primary. The following table shows the possible values. Set to one of these values.
BMF_8BPP8 bits per pixel.
BMF_16BPP16 bits per pixel.
BMF_24BPP24 bits per pixel.
BMF_32BPP32 bits per pixel.

Return Values

Handle that identifies the created bitmap if the function is successful. If the driver chooses to let GDI create and manage the bitmap, the return value is zero. If an error occurs, the return value is 0xFFFFFFFF, and GDI logs an error code.


If the driver creates the bitmap, it can store it anywhere and in any format. It is assumed that the driver will take into account the specifications of the parameters and provide a bitmap with at least as many bits per pixel as requested.

The contents of the created bitmap are undefined.


OS Versions: Windows CE 1.0 and later.
Header: Winddi.h.
Link Library: Ddi_ati_lib.lib, Ddi_flat_lib.lib, Ddi_gx_lib.lib, Ddi_mq200_lib.lib, Ddi_nop_lib.lib, Ddi_rflat_lib.lib, Ddi_rgx_lib.lib, or Ddi_tvia5_lib.lib.

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