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Production-Quality Drivers (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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Microsoft provides production-quality drivers that adhere to best practices for developing Windows CE device drivers.

Production-quality drivers generally have these characteristics:

  • Work without modification on the busses for which they were designed.
  • Reduce the amount of customization required for drivers to function on various hardware platforms.
  • Enable all necessary functionality in a specific driver technology.
  • Expose drivers in the Platform Builder Catalog.
  • Use the bus agnostic model when applicable.

    For more information, see Bus Agnostic Drivers.

  • Comment source code.
  • Use all Windows CE 5.0 capabilities when possible.

    For example, in Windows CE 5.0, driver namespaces, Power Manager IOCTLs, and bus driver interfaces are fully implemented in production-quality drivers. For more information, see Device File Names, Power Management IOCTLs, and Bus Drivers.

  • Have the following architectural improvements:
    • Minimized PDD code to allow easier porting to other hardware platforms.
    • Abstracted resource assignments to the registry when possible.
    • Reusable, platform-independent libraries.

    For more information, see Best Practices for Developing a Device Driver.

Not every driver in Windows CE 5.0 is defined as a production-quality driver.

The following tables show the production-quality device drivers, the location of the device driver's sources file under %_WINCEROOT%, and the name of the binary.

Block Drivers

DriverSources file locationBinary
ATAPI PCI/IDE storage block driverPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\Block\ATAPI\CommonAtapi.dll
USB host mass storage client driverPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\USB\Class\Storage\Class




USB function mass storage driverPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\USBFN\Class\Storage\Transport\BOTUsbmsfn.dll
Secure Digital Memory Card driverNot applicable.Sdmemory.dll

Display Drivers

DriverSources file locationBinary
ATI Rage XL Expert 98 (Warbird)Public\Common\OAK\Drivers\Display\RageXLDdi_ragexl.DLL
Silicon Motion 3DR (Cougar)Public\Common\OAK\Drivers\Display\SMI3DRDdi_3dr.DLL
Geode/MediaGX LCD controller driverPublic\Common\OAK\CSP\X86\Geode\GXVIDEO\Base\Base




MediaQ MQ200Public\Common\OAK\Drivers\Display\MQ200Ddi_mq200.DLL
Flat driver for the Intel PXA27x Development PlatformPublic\Common\OAK\CSP\ARM\Intel\PXA27X\Display\PXA27X_LCDPxa27x_lcd.DLL
VGA linear (flat) framebuffer driverPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\Display\VGAFlatDdi_flat.DLL
Flat driver for the SMDK2410 Samsung MCU Development Kit LCD controller Public\Common\OAK\CSP\ARM\Samsung\S3C2410X\Display\S3C2410X_LCDS3c2410x_lcd.dll

Flash Media Drivers

DriverSources file locationBinary
MirrorBit NOR flash driverPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\Block\MSFlashFMD\FASL\FASLDFasld.dll
SD NAND flash PCI driverPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\Block\MSFlashFMD\SDNPCI\SDNPCIDSdnpcid.dll
NOR flash StrataflashPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\BLOCK\MSFlashFMD\Strata\StrataDStratad.dll
SmartMedia NAND flash (SMFLASH) driver for the SMDK2410 Samsung MCU Development KitNot applicable.Smflash.dll

Network Drivers

DriverSources file locationBinary
Realtek RTL8139 debug Ethernet adapter driverPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\EthDbg\RTL8139Rtl8139dbg.dll
NE2000-compatible generic Ethernet adapter PCI, PC Card, and ISA driverPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\NetCard\NE2000Ne2000.dll
SMS SMSC100FD Ethernet adapter driver for SH4-based hardware platformsPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\NetCard\SMSC100FDSmsc100fd.dll
National Semiconductor DP83815 (MacPhyter) Ethernet adapter driverPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\NetCard\DP83815Dp83815.dll
SMC9000 debug Ethernet adapter driverPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\EthDbg\SMC9000Smc9000.dll
Intel Pro E100BEX Ethernet adapter driverPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\NetCard\E100BEXE100bex.dll
CISCO Aironet 340/350 PCMCIA WLAN card driverNot applicable.Pcx500.dll
Intersil Prism2 WLAN PCMCIA driverNot applicable.Islp2nds.dll
Realtek RTL188x 802.11b native driverNot applicable.Rtl1880nf.dll

PC Card Drivers

DriverSources file locationBinary
PC Card MDDPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\PCCard\MDD\MDD_BothPcc_serv.dll
Texas Instruments PC Card socket driver for the 12XX, 14XX, and 15XX PC Card controllersPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\PCCARD\TIPCCard\TIPCCard_BothPcc_tipccard.dll
i82365 socket driverPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\PCCard\I82365Pcc_i82365.dll
Legacy PC Card driver that allows PCMCIA clients to work with a bus agnostic driverPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\PCCard\PCMCIAPcc_pcm.dll
PC Card socket driver for the Samsung SMDK2410 BSPPlatform\SMDK2410\SRC\Drivers\PCCardPcc_smdk2410.dll
AMD Au1 PCMCIA PC Card host controller driver for the AMD DBAu1000, DBAu1100, and DBAu1500 Development BoardsPlatform\DBAU1000\SRC\Drivers\PCCardPcc_au1.dll

Power Management

DriverSources file locationBinary
Power Manager PDDPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\PM\PDD\Common






Secure Digital Card Drivers

DriverSources file locationBinary
SDIO standard host controller driver based on version 1.0 of the SDA Standard Host Register SpecificationNot applicable.SDHC.dll
SD bus driver that exposes an API for developing SD Memory Card and other SDIO client driversNot applicable.SDBus.dll
Samsung 2410 SDIO host controller driver for the SMDK2410 Samsung MCU Development KitNot applicable.Sdhc_sc2410.dll
PXA27x SD host controller driver for the Intel PXA27x Development PlatformNot applicable.Sdhc_mainstoneii.dll

Serial Port Drivers

DriverSources file locationBinary
Com16550 serial port driver for 16550 UARTsPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\Serial\COM16550




AMD Au1 UART driver for the AMD DBAu1000, DBAu1100, and DBAu1500 Development BoardsPublic\Common\OAK\CSP\MIPS\AMD\AU1\SerialAu1uart.dll
S3C2410x serial port driver for the SMDK2410 Samsung MCU Development KitPublic\Common\OAK\CSP\ARM\Samsung\S3C2410X\SerialS3c2410x_serial.dll
USB function serial client driverPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\USBFN\Class\SerialSerialusbfn.dll

USB Function Drivers

DriverSources file locationBinary
Netchip NET2280 USB 2.0 function bus driverPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\USBFN\Controller\NET2280Net2280.dll
PXA27x USB function driver for the Intel PXA27x Development PlatformPublic\Common\OAK\CSP\ARM\INTEL\PXA27X\USBFNPxa27x_usbfn.dll
USB function CSP driver for the Intel PXA25x Development PlatformPublic\Common\OAK\CSP\ARM\Intel\PXA25X\USB\Function\PDDPxa25xusbfn.dll
Samsung 2410 USB function bus driver for the SMDK2410 Samsung MCU Development KitPublic\Common\OAK\CSP\ARM\Samsung\S3C2410X\USB\FunctionSc2410usbfn.dll

USB Host Drivers

DriverSources file locationBinary
EHCI USB 2.0 host controller driverPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\USB\HCD\USB20\EHCIPDDEhci.dll
USB driver interfacePublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\USB\USBDUsbd.dll
Legacy OHCI USB host controller driverPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\USB\HCD\OHCOhci.dll
OHCI USB host controller driverPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\USB\HCD\OHCD2Ohci2.dll
UHCI USB host controller driverPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\USB\HCD\UHCUhci.dll
OHCI USB host controller driver for the Intel PXA27x Development PlatformPublic\Common\OAK\CSP\ARM\INTEL\PXA27X\HCDPxa27x_ohci.dll
USB host controller driver for the AMD DBAu1000, DBAu1100, and DBAu1500 Development BoardsPublic\Common\OAK\CSP\MIPS\AMD\AU1\USBAu1ohcd.dll
USB Human Input Device (HID) class driverPublic\Common\OAK\Drivers\USB\Class\HID\HIDClass\USBPDDUsbhid.dll

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