PCI Bus Driver (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The PCI bus is a common technology used on many embedded devices. All modern desktop computers have PCI expansion slots for peripheral devices, which replace the ISA slots used in the past. In embedded systems, PCI devices can also be embedded into system motherboards. PCI bus support makes it possible to include a wide variety of inexpensive PCI devices on embedded hardware platforms.

Like a PC Card, PCI has Plug and Play and power management features. The same device driver can be used in ISA, PCI, and direct system bus designs.

In This Section

PCI Bus Driver Development Concepts
Explains the basic development concepts for PCI bus drivers.
PCI Bus Driver Registry Settings
Provides the default registry settings for PCI bus drivers.
PCI Bus Driver Samples
Provides the location for PCI bus driver samples.
PCI Bus Driver Reference
Provides reference information for PCI bus driver functions and structures.

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Describes the power management capabilities of the Windows CE operating system.

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