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Driver Development Tools (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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Microsoft recommends that you use Platform Builder to develop device drivers for Windows CE-based operating systems. Alternatively, you can use Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++® to develop drivers, but its limited support for debugging, testing, standard development boards, and driver types makes it much less useful.

The following table compares the driver development support available in Platform Builder and eMbedded Visual C++.

Platform BuildereMbedded Visual C++
Implements a kernel debugger for true driver debugging.Implements an application debugger.
Supports developing any type of driver.Supports development of network and PC Card drivers.
Supports developing and testing drivers on many different standard development boards (SDBs). Platform Builder includes board support packages (BSPs) for many SDBs.Supports debugging or testing of Windows Mobile™-based Pocket PCs.
Supports packaging and exporting drivers as .cab files for users to use on their hardware.Supports packaging and exporting drivers as .cab files for users to use on their hardware.

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