Setting Up a Partition on a CEPC (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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A partition allows you to divide a hard disk into multiple sections. You need to set up at least one partition to store data on the hard disk.

To set up a partition on a CEPC

  1. On the CEPC, from the desktop, choose My Device.
  2. Choose Control Panel, and then choose Storage Manager.
  3. On the Storage Manager tab, choose Dismount, and then choose Format.

    Formatting the hard disk erases all partition information.

  4. To permanently erase all data on the hard disk, choose Yes.
  5. To create a partition on the hard disk, on the Storage Manager tab, choose New.

    An asterisk (*) next to the partition name denotes that the partition is mounted.

  6. In the Create New Partition window, enter a name for the partitions and select or clear the Use All Available Disk Space check box.
  7. If you set up multiple partitions by clearing the Use All Available Disk Space check box, enter the number of sectors for each partition and choose OK.

    In Windows Explorer, additional partition names are Hard Disk2, Hard Disk3, and so on.

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