Troubleshooting: Cannot Connect from a CEPC to a Network After Configuring the CEPC (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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A CEPC cannot connect to an Ethernet network after being configured according to the steps described in How to Add a CEPC to an Ethernet Network.


View the serial debug output from the CEPC. Troubleshoot the connection between the CEPC and the network by performing the following steps:

  • From the serial debug output of the CEPC, verify that the driver for the Ethernet card loads.
  • In the BIOS of the CEPC, verify that the values for NET_IRQ and NET_IOBASE match the settings for the product Ethernet card as specified in the Autoexec.bat file. For information about the Autoexec.bat file, see Editing the Autoexec.bat File for an x86 SDB.
  • If a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) service assigns an IP address to the CEPC, verify from the serial debug output of the CEPC that the DHCP service is sending the CEPC a suitable IP address and subnet mask.
  • If you added the Command Shell to your OS design, in the window for the Command Shell on the target device, type ipconfig to view the settings for the Ethernet card.

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