Visual Basic Extensibility Reference

Visual Studio 6.0

AddToolboxProgID Method

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Places the control or embedded component in the toolbox and adds a control reference to the project.


object.AddToolboxProgID (ByVal progid As String, [filename As String])

The AddToolboxProgID method syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object An object expression that evaluates to an object in the Applies To list.
progid Required. A string expression specifying the programmatic identifier (ProgID) of the compound document object to add to the Visual Basic toolbox. Either a version-independent or version-dependent ProgID can be used. If a version-independent progid is specified, the most recent version is used. If the compound document object has an associated type library, this type library is referenced as well.
filename Optional. A string expression specifying the filename of the desired type library to be added to Visual Basic. A complete pathname can be used, but if the file isn't found, the directories searched by the Windows OpenFile function are searched, even if a complete pathname is specified.