This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Visual Basic Extensibility Reference

Visual Studio 6.0

RequestWriteFile Event

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Occurs prior to saving any project component with unsaved changes.


Sub RequestWriteFile(vbproject As VBProject, filename As String, cancel As Boolean)

The RequestWriteFile event syntax has these parts:

Part Description
vbproject A VBProject object specifying the name of the project containing the component.
filename A string expression containing the name of the file to be saved.
cancel A Boolean expression used as a flag to cancel the action, as described in Settings.


The settings for cancel are:

Setting Description
True Does not write the file to disk. This event is not triggered for any subsequent add-ins connected to the FileControl object.
False Continues triggering this event for subsequent add-ins connected to the FileControl object.


The RequestWriteFile event occurs once for each saved component, and once for each associated binary data file (such as .Frx or .Pgx files).

This event allows add-ins to prepare the specified file for writing. For example, you could use it to enable an add-in to check out a file from a source code control project prior to writing to it.

This event occurs in all add-ins that are connected to the FileControl object. The add-in cannot prevent the file from being written to disk because the operation is complete. However, you can use this event to perform other tasks, such as:

  • Log information about the event.

  • Update information about the file.

  • Back up the file.