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Visual Basic Reference

Visual Studio 6.0

Data Report Designer Constants

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Alignment Constants

Constant Value Description
rptJustifyLeft 0 The text is aligned left.
rptJustifyRight 1 The text is aligned right.
rptJustifyCenter 2 The text is centered.

AsyncType Constants

Constant Value Description
rptAsyncPreview 0 Preview mode. Occurs after invoking the Show method.
rptAsyncPrint 1 Indicates a job has been sent to the printer.
rptAsyncExport 2 Indicates a file is being exported.

BackStyle Constants

Constant Value Description
rptBkTransparent 0 The control is transparent.
rptBkOpaque 1 The control is opaque.

BorderStyle Constants

Constant Value Description
rptBSTransparent 0 The border is transparent.
rptBSSolid 1 The border is solid.
rptBSDashes 2 The border consists of dashes.
rptBSDots 3 The border consists of dots.
rptBSDashDot 4 The border consists of dashes and dots.
rptBSDashDotDot 5 The border consists of a dash followed by two dots.

Error Constants

Constant Value Description
rptErrAccessDenied 8513 (&H2141) Access denied.
rptErrBoundCtlNotAllowed 8551 (&H2167) The control can't be placed in this section.
rptErrChapterInit 8521 (&H2149) Unable to initialize the chapter.
rptErrCollectionIsEmpty 8573 (&H217D) The collection is empty.
rptErrCreatingFont 8556 (&H216C) An error occurred creating the font.
rptErrCreatingWindow 8572 (&H217C) An error occurred creating the window.
rptErrDuplicateKey 8500 (&H2134) There is a duplicate key value in the collection.
rptErrExportFormatsEmpty 8506 (&H213A) The ExportFormats collection is empty.
rptErrFileAlreadyExists 8512 (&H2140) The file already exists.
rptErrGeneralFileIO 8510 (&H213E) File I/O error.
rptErrInvalidArg 8507 (&H213B) An argument is invalid.
rptErrInvalidColIndex 8523 (&H214B) The column index is invalid.
rptErrInvalidDataField 8526 (&H214E) The data field can't be found.
rptErrInvalidDateSource 8520 (&H2148) The data source is invalid.
rptErrInvalidFileFilter 8517 (&H2145) The file filter is invalid, or in an invalid format.
rptErrInvalidFileVersion 8511 (&H213F) The file version is invalid.
rptErrInvalidKey 8504 (&H2138) The key is invalid.
rptErrInvalidName 8503 (&H2137) The name is invalid.
rptErrInvalidPropertyValue 380 (&H17C) A property value is invalid.
rptErrInvalidRowIndex 8524 (&H214C) The row index is invalid.
rptErrInvalidRowset 8522 (&H214A) The rowset is invalid.
rptErrInvalidTemplate 8516 (&H2144) The ExportFormat template is invalid.
rptErrKeyNotFound 8501 (&H2135) The key can't be found.
rptErrLineBreak 8553 (&H2169) An error occurred wrapping lines of text in the control.
rptErrMarginsTooTall 8541 (&H215D) Top and bottom margins are higher than the paper height.
rptErrMarginsTooWide 8540 (&H215C) Left and right margins are wider than the paper width.
rptErrNotAllowedInReportGenerating 8576 (&H2180) This property or method cannot be accessed during the generation of the report.
rptErrObjectNotFoundInCollection 8574 (&H217E) The object can't be found in the collection.
rptErrOutOfMemory 7 Out of memory.
rptErrPathNotFound 8514 (&H2142) The path can't be found.
rptErrPrint 8558 (&H216E) An error occurred during printing.
rptErrPrinterInfo 8555 (&H216B) Error obtaining printer information.
rptErrPrintInit 8557 (&H216D) An error occurred initializing the printer.
rptErrReportTooTall 8571 (&H217B) Sections do not fit vertically on the page.
rptErrReportTooWide 8542 (&H215E) Report width is larger than the paper width.
rptErrSectDontMatchData 8570 (&H217A) Report sections do not match data source.
rptErrSharingViolation 8515 (&H2143) Cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
rptErrSubscriptRange 9 The subscript is out of range.
rptErrTempFileName 8550 (&H2166) Error generating temporary filename.
rptErrTempFileRead 8554 (&H216A) Error opening or reading from temporary file.
rptErrTempFileWrite 8552 (&H2168) Error creating or writing to temporary file.
rptErrTypeMismatch 13 Type mismatch.
rptErrUnexpected 8505 (&H2139) Unexpected error.
rptErrUnknown 8502 (&H2136) General error.

ExportFormat Constants

Constant Value Description
rptFmtHTML 0 HTML format.
rptFmtText 1 Text format.
rptFmtUnicodeText 2 Unicode.
rptFmtUnicodeHTML_UTF8 3 HTML encoded in Universal Character Set (UTF - 8)

FunctionType Constants

Constant Value Description
rptFuncSum 0 Sum function.
rptFuncAve 1 Average.
rptFuncMin 2 Minimum
rptFuncMax 3 Maximum.
rptFuncRCnt 4 Counts the rows in the section.
rptFuncVCnt 5 Counts the fields with non-null values.
rptFuncSDEV 6 Calculates the standard deviation.
rptFuncSERR 7 Calculates the standard error.

LineSlant Constants

Constant Value Description
rptSlantNWSE 0 Line slants from northwest to southeast.
rptSlantNESW 1 Line slants from northeast to southwest.

PageBreak Constants

Constant Value Description
rptPageBreakNone 0 No page breaks on the section.
rptPageBreakBefore 1 Page break occurs before the section.
rptPageBreakAfter 2 Page break occurs after the section.
rptPageBreakBeforeAndAfter 3 Page break occurs before and after the section.

PageRange Constants

Constant Value Description
rptRangeAllPages 0 Print or export all pages.
rptRangeFromTo 1 Print or export only the named range of pages.

PictureAlignment Constants

Constant Value Description
rptPATopLeft 0 The picture appears at the top left.
rptPATop 1 The picture appears at the top.
rptPATopRight 2 The picture appears at the top right.
rptPARight 3 The picture appears at the right.
rptPABottomRight 4 The picture appears at the bottom right.
rptPABottom 5 The picture appears at the bottom.
rptPABottomLeft 6 The picture appears at the bottom left.
rptPALeft 7 The picture appears at the left.
rptPACenter 8 The picture appears centered.

Shape Constants

Constant Value Description
rptShpRectangle 0 Rectangle shape.
rptShpSquare 1 Square shape.
rptShpOval 2 Oval shape.
rptShpCircle 3 Circle shape.
rptShpRoundedRectangle 4 Rounded rectangle shape.
rptShpRoundedSquare 5 Rounded square shape.

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