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Visual Basic Reference

Data Control Constants

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Error Event Constants

Constant Value Description
vbDataErrContinue 0 Continue
vbDataErrDisplay 1 (Default) Display the error message

Validate Event Action Constants

Constant Value Description
vbDataActionCancel 0 Cancel the operation when the Sub exits
vbDataActionMoveFirst 1 MoveFirst method
vbDataActionMovePrevious 2 MovePrevious method
vbDataActionMoveNext 3 MoveNext method
vbDataActionMoveLast 4 MoveLast method
vbDataActionAddNew 5 AddNew method
vbDataActionUpdate 6 Update operation (not UpdateRecord)
vbDataActionDelete 7 Delete method
vbDataActionFind 8 Find method
vbDataActionBookmark 9 The Bookmark property is set
vbDataActionClose 10 Close method
vbDataActionUnload 11 The form is being unloaded

Beginning-Of-File Action Constants

Constant Value Description
vbMoveFirst 0 Move to first record
vbBOF 1 Move to beginning of file

End-Of-File Action Constants

Constant Value Description
vbMoveLast 0 Move to last record
vbEOF 1 Move to end of file
vbAddNew 2 Add new record to end of file

Recordset-Type Constants

Constant Value Description
vbRSTypeTable 0 Table-type recordset
vbRSTypeDynaset 1 Dynaset-type recordset
vbRSTypeSnapShot 2 Snapshot-type recordset

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