Visual Basic for Applications Reference

MsgBox Function Example

This example uses the MsgBox function to display a critical-error message in a dialog box with Yes and No buttons. The No button is specified as the default response. The value returned by the MsgBox function depends on the button chosen by the user. This example assumes that DEMO.HLP is a Help file that contains a topic with a Help context number equal to 1000.

Dim Msg, Style, Title, Help, Ctxt, Response, MyString
Msg = "Do you want to continue ?"   ' Define message.
Style = vbYesNo + vbCritical + vbDefaultButton2   ' Define buttons.
Title = "MsgBox Demonstration"   ' Define title.
Help = "DEMO.HLP"   ' Define Help file.
Ctxt = 1000   ' Define topic
      ' context. 
      ' Display message.
Response = MsgBox(Msg, Style, Title, Help, Ctxt)
If Response = vbYes Then   ' User chose Yes.
   MyString = "Yes"   ' Perform some action.
Else   ' User chose No.
   MyString = "No"   ' Perform some action.
End If