Visual Basic: Windows Controls

Arrange Property Example

This example adds several ListItem objects and subitems to a ListView control. When you click on an OptionButton control, the Arrange property is set with the Index value of the OptionButton. To try the example, place a control array of three OptionButton controls, a ListView control, and two ImageList controls on a form and paste the code into the form's Declarations section. Run the example and click on an OptionButton to change the Arrange property.

Private Sub Option1_Click(Index as Integer)
   ' Set Arrange property to Option1.Index.
   ListView1.Arrange = Index
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
   ' Label OptionButton controls with Arrange choices.
      Option1(0).Caption = "No Arrange"
      Option1(1).Caption = "Align Auto Left"
      Option1(2).Caption = "Align Auto Top"

   ' Declare variables for creating ListView and ImageList objects.
   Dim i As Integer
   Dim itmX As ListItem   ' Object variable for ListItems.
   Dim imgX As ListImage   ' Object variable for ListImages.

   ' Add a ListImage object to an ImageList control.
   Set imgX = ImageList1.ListImages. _

   ListView1.Icons = ImageList1   ' Associate an ImageList control.

   ' Add ten ListItem objects, each with an Icon.
   For i = 1 To 10
      Set itmX = ListView1.ListItems.Add()
      itmX.Icon = 1   ' Icon.
      itmX.Text = "ListItem " & i
   Next i
End Sub