Visual Basic: Windows Controls

Visual Studio 6.0

Add Method (ColumnHeaders Collection)

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Adds a ColumnHeader object to a ColumnHeaders collection in a ListView control.


object.Add(index, key, text, width, alignment, icon)

The Add method syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object Required. An object expression that evaluates to a ColumnHeaders collection.
index Optional. An integer that uniquely identifies a member of an object collection.
key Optional. A unique string expression that can be used to access a member of the collection.
text Optional. A string that appears in the ColumnHeader object.
width Optional. A numeric expression specifying the width of the object using the scale units of the control's container.
alignment Optional. An integer that determines the alignment of text in the ColumnHeader object. For settings, choose the Alignment property from the See Also list.
icon Optional. The key or index of an image in the Smallicons ImageList.


The Add method returns a reference to the newly inserted ColumnHeader object.

Use the index argument to insert a column header in a specific position in the ColumnHeaders collection.

When the members of a ColumnHeaders collection can change dynamically, you may want to reference them using the Key property, because the Index property for any ColumnHeader object may be changing.