Connected Services Framework 3.0

Connected Services Framework
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Connected Services Framework 3.0

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Welcome to the Microsoft Connected Services Framework 3.0 documentation. This documentation helps you understand Connected Services Framework (CSF) 3.0, and learn how to implement CSF distributed applications.

CSF provides a number of core services, including session management, identity management, and profile management. CSF also provides a service catalog Web service that is used to access a UDDI-based repository that contains definitions of all of the Web services associated with a particular application.

CSF provides order handling and billing services referred to as standard business events that are used to connect your CSF-based services solution to your regular order handling and billing systems. Web service interfaces are also provided to enable CSF-based solutions to interact with other third-party value-added services and products, such as Microsoft Hosted Messaging and Collaboration, Microsoft TV IPTV Edition, and Microsoft Office Live Meeting.

To learn more about developing solutions with the Connected Services Framework core components and the standard business events click the following links.