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CSF SBE Server Billing 3.0 Developer Guide

Welcome to the documentation for the Microsoft Billing Standard Business Event (BillingSBE).

The BillingSBE is an integrated, server-based software product that processes billing data by using a service-oriented architecture that is built around the Microsoft Connected Services Framework (CSF). The BillingSBE enables you to create composable billing solutions by providing an isolation layer between value added service (VAS) systems that send billing data to your enterprise and the billing systems in your enterprise core that process this data. Instead of sending billing data directly to your billing systems, VAS systems send billing usage events and advice of charge (AOC) messages to the BillingSBE through one or more CSF sessions. The BillingSBE applies XSLT transforms to incoming usage data and can reliably deliver this transformed data to your billing mediation systems. Because multiple transforms can be applied to the same incoming data, the BillingSBE can deliver usage data in a different format to each billing system. The BillingSBE facilitates AOC transactions by transforming AOC messages between a common, extensible AOC message schema that is used by your VAS systems and a custom AOC message schema used by your general ledger billing system. The BillingSBE provides a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Snap-in that administrators can use to set-up and manage billing solutions remotely, or you can implement a custom management tool by using the message-based administrative interface provided by the BillingSBE. 


In This Section

Introducing the Billing Standard Business Event

Provides an overview of the purpose of the BillingSBE, the components that make up the BillingSBE, common supported BillingSBE scenarios, and the messages that BillingSBE uses to communicate with external services and the core CSF components.

Building Solutions with the Billing Standard Business Event

Describes how to perform common BillingSBE programming and configuration tasks.

Billing High Availability and Clustering

Describes how to configure the BillingSBE in a clustered environment and to ensure high availability of the BillingSBE,

Configuring the Billing Standard Business Event

Provides an overview of BillingSBE configuration. It describes the configuration settings in the BillingSBE Web.config file, the Microsoft.ConnectedServices.DeliveryService.exe.config file, the BillingSbe.config file, and the BillingSBEPolicyCache.config file.

Billing Standard Business Event Security

Explains how the BillingSBE participates in credential checks across services, performs message encryption, and provides security best practices for a distributed application that involves the BillingSBE.

Billing Standard Business Event Performance and Monitoring

Describes methods for performance tuning your distributed applications that use BillingSBE and outlines the performance counters that are installed with BillingSBE.