This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Attachments Object Members

Office 2007

A collection containing Attachment objects that represent the attachments in an publication.


Aa438612.methods(en-us,office.12).gif Add Use the Add method to add an attachment to an publication.
Aa438612.methods(en-us,office.12).gif ClearAll Clears (deletes) all the Attachment objects in the parent Attachments collection of an e-mail merge message.


 NameDescription,office.12).gif Application Returns an Application object that represents the creator of the parent Attachments collection. Read-only.,office.12).gif Count Returns the number of Attachment objects in the collection. Read-only.,office.12).gif Item Returns a single Attachment object from the Attachments collection. Read-only.,office.12).gif Parent Returns the parent of the Attachment object. Read-only.