This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Shape.Rotation Property

Office 2007
Returns or sets a Single that represents the number of degrees the specified shape is rotated around the z-axis. A positive value indicates clockwise rotation; a negative value indicates counterclockwise rotation. Read/write.



expression   A variable that represents a Shape object.


To set the rotation of a three-dimensional shape around the x-axis or the y-axis, use the RotationX property or the RotationY property of the ThreeDFormat object.


This example matches the rotation of all shapes on the first page of the active publication to the rotation of the first shape. This example assumes there are at least two shapes on the first page of the active publication.

Visual Basic for Applications
Sub SetShapeRotation()
    Dim sngRotation As Single
    Dim intCount As Integer
    With ActiveDocument.Pages(1).Shapes
        sngRotation = .Item(1).Rotation
        For intCount = 1 To .Count
            .Item(intCount).Rotation = sngRotation
        Next intCount
    End With
End Sub

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