This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Shape.InlineAlignment Property

Office 2007
Returns or sets a PbInlineAlignment constant that indicates whether an inline shape has left, right, or in-text alignment. Read/write.



expression   A variable that represents a Shape object.


The InlineAlignment property value can be one of the PbInlineAlignment constants declared in the Microsoft Office Publisher type library.

An automation error is returned if the shape is not already inline.


The following example moves the second shape on the second page of the publication into the text flow by using the MoveIntoTextFlow method. The InlineAlignment property is then used to align the shape to the right.

Visual Basic for Applications
Dim theShape As Shape
Dim theRange As TextRange

Set theRange = ActiveDocument.Pages(2).Shapes(1).TextFrame.TextRange
Set theShape = ActiveDocument.Pages(2).Shapes(2)

If Not theShape.IsInline = msoTrue Then
    theShape.MoveIntoTextFlow Range:=theRange
    theShape.InlineAlignment = pbInlineAlignmentRight
End If

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