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TextRange.Words Method

Office 2007
Returns a TextRange object that represents the specified subset of text words.


expression.Words(Start, Length)

expression   A variable that represents a TextRange object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
StartRequiredLongThe first word in the returned range.
LengthOptionalLongThe number of words to be returned. Default is 1.

Return Value


If Length is omitted, the returned range contains one word.

If Start is greater than the number of words in the specified text, the returned range starts with the last word in the specified range.

If Length is greater than the number of words from the specified starting word to the end of the text, the returned range contains all those words.


This example formats as bold the second, third, and fourth words in shape two on page one of the active publication.

Visual Basic for Applications
Application.ActiveDocument.Pages(1).Shapes(2) _
    .TextFrame.TextRange.Words(Start:=2, Length:=3) _
    .Font.Bold = True

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