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RedoActionsAvailable Property

RedoActionsAvailable Property.RedoActionsAvailable Property

Office 2007
Returns the number of actions available on the redo stack. Read-only Long.



expression   A variable that represents a RedoActionsAvailable Property object.

Return Value


The following example adds a rectangle that contains a text frame to the fourth page of the active publication. Some font properties and the text of the text frame are set. A test is then run to determine whether the font in the text frame is Courier. If so, the Undo method is used with the value of the UndoActionsAvailable property passed as a parameter to specify that all previous actions be undone.

The Redo method is then used with the value of the RedoActionsAvailable property minus 2 passed as a parameter to redo all actions except for the last two. A new font is specified for the text in the text frame, in addition to new text.

This example assumes the active document contains at least four pages.

Visual Basic for Applications
Dim thePage As page
Dim theShape As Shape
Dim theDoc As Publisher.Document

Set theDoc = ActiveDocument
Set thePage = theDoc.Pages(4)

With theDoc
    With thePage
        Set theShape = .Shapes.AddShape(msoShapeRectangle, _
            75, 75, 190, 30)
        With theShape.TextFrame.TextRange
             .Font.Size = 12
             .Font.Name = "Courier"
             .Text = "This font is Courier."
        End With
     End With

    If thePage.Shapes(1).TextFrame.TextRange.Font.Name = "Courier" Then
        ' The Undo method specifies that all undoable actions be undone.
        .Undo (.UndoActionsAvailable)
        ' The Redo method uses RedoActionsAvailable - 2 to specify that 
        ' all redoable actions be redone except for the last two actions.
        ' The last two actions that are not redone are setting
        ' .Font.Name and .Text.
        .Redo (.RedoActionsAvailable - 2)
        With theShape.TextFrame.TextRange
            .Font.Name = "Verdana"
            .Text = "This font is Verdana."
        End With
    End If
End With

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