RecordCount Property
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RecordCount Property.RecordCount Property

Office 2007
Returns a Long that represents the number of records in the data source. Read-only.



expression   A variable that represents a RecordCount Property object.

Return Value


This example validates ZIP Codes in the attached data source for five digits. If the length of the ZIP Code is fewer than five digits, the record is excluded from the mail merge process. This example assumes the postal codes are U.S. ZIP Codes. You could modify this example to search for ZIP Codes that have a 4-digit locator code appended to the ZIP Code, and then exclude all records that do not contain the locator code.

Visual Basic for Applications
Sub Validate

    Dim intCount As Integer
    With ActiveDocument.MailMerge.DataSource

        'Set the active record equal to the first included record in the
        'data source
        .ActiveRecord = 1
            intCount = intCount + 1

            'Set the condition that field six must be greater than or
            'equal to five digits in length
            If Len(.DataFields.Item(6).Value) < 5 Then

                'Exclude the record if field six contains fewer than five digits
                .Included = False

                'Mark the record as containing an invalid address field
                .InvalidAddress = True

                'Specify the comment attached to the record explaining
                'why the record was excluded from the mail merge
                .InvalidComments = "The ZIP Code for this record has " _
                    & "fewer than five digits. It will be removed " _
                    & "from the mail merge process."

            End If

            'Move the record to the next record in the data source
            .ActiveRecord = .ActiveRecord + 1

        'End the loop when the counter variable
        'equals the number of records in the data source
        Loop Until intCount = .RecordCount
    End With

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