This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Application.WindowDeactivate Event

Office 2007
Occurs when the application window is deactivated.


expression.WindowDeactivate(Wn, )

expression   A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
WnRequiredWindowThe window that is being deactivated.


For information about using events with the Application object, see Using Events with the Application Object.


This example minimizes the window when it is deactivated. This code must be placed in a class module, and an instance of the class must be correctly initialized to see this example work; see Using Events with the Application Object for directions on how to accomplish this.

Visual Basic for Applications
Public WithEvents appPublisher as Publisher.Application

Private Sub appPublisher_WindowDeactivate _
        (ByVal Wn As Window)
    Wn.WindowState = pbWindowStateMinimize
End Sub