Application Object
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Application Object

Office 2007
Represents the Microsoft Office Publisher application. The Application object includes properties and methods that return top-level objects. For example, the ActiveDocument property returns a Document object.


When using Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications in Publisher, all of the properties and methods of the Application object can be used without the Application object qualifier. For example, instead of typing Application.ActiveDocument.PrintOut, you can type ActiveDocument.PrintOut. Properties and methods that can be used without the Application object qualifier are considered "global." To view the global properties and methods in the Object Browser, click <globals> at the top of the list in the Classes box. When accessing the Publisher object model from a non-Publisher project, all properties and methods must be fully qualified.


Use the Application property to return the Application object. The following example displays the application name.

Visual Basic for Applications
Sub ShowAppName()
    MsgBox Application.Name
End Sub

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