This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

New Objects, Collections, and Enumerations

Office 2007

New Objects and Collections

The following objects and collections have been added to the object model in 2007 Microsoft Office system.

Object or Collection Description
BulletFormat2 Represents bullet formatting.
ChartFont Contains the font attributes (font name, font size, and color) for a chart.
CustomTaskPane Represents a custom task pane in the container application.
CustomXMLNode Represents an XML node in a tree in a document. The CustomXMLNode object is a member of the CustomXMLNodes collection.
CustomXMLNodes Contains a collection of CustomXMLNodes objects representing the XML nodes in a document.
CustomXMLPart Represents a single CustomXMLPart in a CustomXMLParts collection.
CustomXMLParts Represents a collection of CustomXMLPart objects.
CustomXMLPrefixMapping Represents a namespace prefix.
CustomXMLPrefixMappings Represents a collection of CustomXMLPrefixMapping objects.
CustomXMLSchema Represents a schema in a CustomXMLSchemaCollection collection.
CustomXMLSchemaCollection Represents a collection of CustomXMLSchema objects attached to a data stream.
CustomXMLValidationError Represents a single validation error in a CustomXMLValidationErrors collection.
CustomXMLValidationErrors Represents a collection of CustomXMLValidationError objects.
DocumentInspector Represents a Document Inspector module in a DocumentInspectors collection.
DocumentInspectors Represents a collection of DocumentInspector objects.
EncryptionProvider Provides the methods for setting up permissions, applying the cryptography of the underlying encryption and decryption, and user authentication.
Font2 Contains font attributes (for example, font name, font size, and color) for an object.
GlowFormat Represents a glow effect around an Office graphics.
GradientStop Represents one gradient stop.
GradientStops Contains a collection of GradientStop objects.
IAssistance Provides a means for developers to create a customized help experience for users within Microsoft Office.
ICTPFactory Used to create a custom task pane.
ICustomTaskPaneConsumer An interface that provides access to the CTPFactoryAvailable method that is used to create an instance of a custom task pane.
IDocumentInspector Represents the interface through which the methods of a IDocumentInspector object are accessed.
IRibbonControl Represents the object passed into every Ribbon user interface (UI) control's callback procedure.
IRibbonExtensibility The interface through which the Ribbon user interface (UI) communicates with a COM add-in to customize the UI.
IRibbonUI The object that is returned by the onLoad procedure specified on the customUI tag. The object contains methods for invalidating control properties and for refreshing the user interface.
MetaProperties Represents a collection of properties describing the metadata stored in a document.
MetaProperty Represents a single property in a collection of properties describing the metadata stored in a document.
OfficeTheme Represents a Microsoft Office theme.
ParagraphFormat2 Represents the paragraph formatting of a text range.
PolicyItem Represents an item within a ServerPolicy object that contains the settings for one policy.
ReflectionFormat Represents the reflection effect in Office graphics.
Ruler2 Represents the ruler for the text in the specified shape or for all text in the specified text style. Contains tab stops and the indentation settings for text outline levels.
RulerLevel2 Contains first-line indent and hanging indent information for an outline level.
RulerLevels2 A collection of all the RulerLevel2 objects on the specified ruler.
ServerPolicy Represents a policy specified for a document type stored on a server running Office SharePoint Server 2007.
SignatureInfo Represents the information used to create a digital or in-document signature.
SignatureProvider Represents a signature provider add-in.
SignatureSetup Represents the information used to set up a signature packet.
SoftEdgeFormat Represents the soft edges effect in Office graphics.
TabStop2 Represents a single tab stop. The TabStop2 object is a member of the TabStops2 collection.
TabStops2 The collection of TabStop2 objects.
TextColumn2 Represents a single text column. The TextColumn2 object is a member of the TextColumns2 collection.
TextRange2 Represents the text frame in a Shape or ShapeRange objects.
ThemeColor Represents a color in the color scheme of a Microsoft Office 2007 theme.
ThemeColorScheme Represents the color scheme of a Microsoft Office 2007 theme.
ThemeEffectScheme Represents the effects scheme of a Microsoft Office 2007 theme.
ThemeFont Represents a container for the font schemes of a Microsoft Office 2007 theme.
ThemeFonts Represents a collection of major and minor fonts in the font scheme of a Microsoft Office 2007 theme.
ThemeFontScheme Represents the font scheme of a Microsoft Office 2007 theme.
WorkflowTask Represents a single workflow task in a WorkflowTasks collection.
WorkflowTasks Represents a collection of WorkflowTask objects.
WorkflowTemplate Represents one of the workflows available for the current document.
WorkflowTemplates Represents a collection of WorkflowTemplate objects.

New Enumerations

The following enumerations have been added to the object model in 2007 Microsoft Office system.

Enumerations Description
CertificateDetail Provides information about the digital certificate.
CertificateVerificationResults Provides the results of verifying a digital certificate.
ContentVerificationResults Provides the status of verifying whether the content of a document has changed.
MsoAutoSize Determines the type of automatic sizing allowed.
MsoBackgroundStyleIndex Indicates the background style for an object.
MsoBevelType Indicates the bevel type of a ThreeDFormat object.
MsoCTPDockPosition Specifies the docking behavior of the custom task pane.
MsoCTPDockPositionRestrict Specifies retrictions on the docking behavior of the custom task pane.
MsoCustomXMLNodeType Specifies the node type.
MsoCustomXMLValidationErrorType Indicates how validation errors will be cleared or generated.
MsoDateTimeFormat Specifies the format of a date/time data type.
MsoDocInspectorStatus Represents the results of running a Document Inspector module.
MsoFontLanguageIndex Represents one of the three language fonts contained in the ThemeFonts collection
MsoLightRigType Indicates the effects lighting for an object.
MsoMetaPropertyType Specifies the metadata property type.
MsoParagraphAlignment Specifies paragraph alignment for a text block.
MsoPathFormat Specifies the format of a file or folder path.
MsoPresetCamera Indicates the effects camera type used by the specified object.
MsoShadowStyle Specifies the type of shadowing effect.
MsoShapeStyleIndex Indicates the line and shape style.
MsoSignatureSubset Specifies properties of the signature subset. These settings act as filters for signature sets.
MsoTextCaps Specifies the capitalization of the text.
MsoTextChangeCase Specifies the capitalization of text.
MsoTextCharWrap Indicates the type of text wrap.
MsoTextFontAlign Indicates the text alignment scheme used for an object.
MsoTextStrike Indicates the number of times a character is printed to darken the image.
MsoTextTabAlign Indicates the text alignment against tab stops or line breaks.
MsoTextUnderlineType Indicates the type of underline for text.
MsoThemeColorIndex Indicates the Office theme color.
MsoThemeColorSchemeIndex Indicates the color scheme for an Office theme.
MsoWarpFormat Indicates various image warping formats.
SignatureDetail Indicates additional information about a signature.
SignatureLineImage Indicates the signature line image.
SignatureProviderDetail Specifies properties of a signature provider.
SignatureType Specifies properties of a signature.