This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

MsoThemeColorIndex Enumeration

Office 2007
Indicates the Office theme color.
msoNotThemeColor0Specifies no theme color.
msoThemeColorAccent15Specifies the Accent 1 theme color.
msoThemeColorAccent26Specifies the Accent 2 theme color.
msoThemeColorAccent37Specifies the Accent 3 theme color.
msoThemeColorAccent48Specifies the Accent 4 theme color.
msoThemeColorAccent59Specifies the Accent 5 theme color.
msoThemeColorAccent610Specifies the Accent 6 theme color.
msoThemeColorBackground114Specifies the Background 1 theme color.
msoThemeColorBackground216Specifies the Background 2 theme color.
msoThemeColorDark11Specifies the Dark 1 theme color.
msoThemeColorDark23Specifies the Dark 2 theme color.
msoThemeColorFollowedHyperlink12Specifies the theme color for a clicked hyperlink.
msoThemeColorHyperlink11Specifies the theme color for a hyperlink.
msoThemeColorLight12Specifies the Light 1 theme color.
msoThemeColorLight24Specifies the Light 2 theme color.
msoThemeColorMixed-2Specifies a mixed color theme.
msoThemeColorText113Specifies the Text 1 theme color.
msoThemeColorText215Specifies the Text 2 theme color.