Windows CardSpace Samples

These samples demonstrate how to use CardSpace. These samples are intended for instructional use only. As such, these samples tend to exhibit limited error handling.

Note: Before Installing the Windows CardSpace Samples

The CardSpace samples require service accounts to have read and write permissions to the directories where the files are unpacked. Due to this requirement, it is recommended that all the CardSpace samples are unpacked into a directory off of the root directory (i.e. c:\samples).

The samples use scripts to modify IIS virtual directories and register certificates to demonstrate certain features. All the samples should be run from the Windows SDK command shell. Additionally, the usage of these scripts requires the use of an Administrator account. Under Windows Vista, you may have to create a shortcut to the SDK Command Prompt, and use "run as administrator" if you have User Account Control turned on.

You should not use the certificates provided with these samples on a production machine, as they are generated for demonstration purposes only.

For samples on using CardSpace with WCF see Using CardSpace With wsHttpBinding and CardSpace Federation.

In This Section

Sample Description

Installing CardSpace Sample Certificates

Demonstrates how to install the sample certificates needed for the CardSpace samples.

How to Use Windows CardSpace with Internet Explorer 7.0

Demonstrates how to accept identities using CardSpace and Internet Explorer 7.0.

Creating Managed Cards

Demonstrates how to create cards for use with Windows CardSpace.

Decrypting a Security Token

Demonstrates how to decrypt a security token.

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