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SWbemObject.Clone_ method

The Clone_ method of the SWbemObject object returns a new object that is a clone of the current object.

For an explanation of this syntax, see Document Conventions for the Scripting API.


objWbemObject = .Clone_( _


This method has no parameters.

Return value

If successful, this method returns a new SWbemObject object.

Error codes

After completion of the Clone_ method, the Err object may contain one of the error codes in the following table.

Error (Name/Dec/Hex)Meaning
2147749889 (0x80041001)

Unspecified error.

2147749896 (0x80041008)

Nothing was specified as a parameter, and it is not acceptable in this usage.

2147749894 (0x80041006)

Not enough memory to clone the object.


Use the Clone_ method to duplicate a class definition or an instance. This is useful when you need the original copy of the object for backup purposes while you are modifying a new copy. Likewise, use this method to create many new instances from a single source instance. For example, use SWbemObject.SpawnInstance_ to create a single starting instance, and use SWbemObject.Clone_ to produce 100 copies of the instance quickly. Subsequently, you can modify the objects, giving each one specific values.

It is not possible to use this method to convert a class definition to an instance, or to convert an instance to a class definition.


Minimum supported client

Windows Vista

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2003

Type library






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