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Receiving a Timed or Repeating Event

A timed or repeating event is an event that occurs at one specific time and date, or repeatedly at regular intervals. For example, an event can occur at midnight on only December 2, 2003, or one time each week on Tuesdays at 2:31 PM.

The following table lists the different classes that are used to create a timed or repeating event.

Win32_LocalTime or Win32_UTCTime

Standard Microsoft event model.

For more information, see Creating a Timer Event with Win32_LocalTime or Win32_UTCTime. It is recommended that you use these classes to create timed events in Windows Server 2003.


Legacy technique.

For more information, see Creating a Timer Event with _TimerInstruction.


If you want to schedule a task or job to occur at a specific time or repeatedly, use the Win32_ScheduledJob class and its methods. This class represents a job created with the AT command in a command window from Start and then Run, or from the Scheduled Tasks in Control Panel.



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