ODBC Attribute-Keywords

The following table lists the attribute-keywords recognized by the WMI ODBC adapter.

AUTHORITY Indicates the domain name to which the user account belongs.
DBQ Database qualifier (the fully qualified, default, working namespace).
HOME Common root path to all the namespaces specified in the NAMESPACES keyword list.
IMPERSONATE Indicates that the adapter attempts to impersonate the user account defined by the UID and PWD values.
LOCALE Indicates the locale to use.
NAMESPACES Comma-separated list of namespace names.
PASSTHROUGHONLY Indicates that the adapter only attempts to fetch the query data through a single, direct WQL query statement.
SERVER Name of the target computer that acts as a WMI server.
SYSPROPS Indicates whether the adapter exposes WMI system properties.
UIDPWDDEFINED Indicates that the user name and password have been defined (even if not present in the connection string).


Note  For more information about support and installation of this component on a specific operating system, see Operating System Availability of WMI Components.