The NAMESPACES attribute-keyword is a comma-separated list of namespace names. Unless the HOME attribute keyword is specified, these must be fully qualified namespaces that the adapter can use directly with the WMI API.

Specify the namespace names as follows, where style can be either shallow (the default, include only the specified namespace), or detailed (include the specified namespace and all its children):

NAMESPACES={Namespace, Style}

The following examples both specify just the root\default namespace.

NAMESPACES={Root\Default, shallow}

The following example specifies the root\default namespace and all its children.

NAMESPACES={Root\Default, deep}

The following example specifies the Root\MyNamespace namespace plus the Root\OtherNamespace namespace plus all the children of the root\OtherNamespace namespace.

NAMESPACES={Root\MyNamespace , shallow},{Root\OtherNamespace, deep}

Windows Server 2003:  The WMI Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Adapter is not available in Windows Server 2003. When you upgrade to Windows Server 2003, the WMI ODBC Adapter is not removed if it already exists on a computer. For an alternative type of data access, see Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC).