MSMCA Classes

The Microsoft Machine Check Architecture (MSMCA) classes are a set of WMI classes that expose the Machine Check Architecture (MCA). The System Abstraction Layer (SAL) provides all events reported in the MSMCA class. The Intel Corporation develops and owns the MCA.

MSMCAEvent_CPUError Represents a CPU error event.
MSMCAEvent_Header Represents the common header that all MSMCAEvent classes use.
MSMCAEvent_InvalidError Represents a Memory Check Architecture (MCA) invalid error.
MSMCAEvent_MemoryError Represents an MCA memory error event.
MSMCAEvent_MemoryPageRemoved Indicates that the operating system removed a physical page of memory.
MSMCAEvent_PCIBusError Represents an MCA PCI bus error.
MSMCAEvent_PCIComponentError Represents an MCA PCI component error.
MSMCAEvent_PlatformSpecificError Represents an MCA platform-specific error.
MSMCAEvent_SMBIOSError Represents an MCA system bios error.
MSMCAEvent_SwitchToCMCPolling Indicates that the corrected machine check handling is switched to polling.
MSMCAEvent_SystemEventError Represents an MCA system event error.
MSMCAInfo Abstract base class from which all Machine Check Architecture (MCA) provider data classes are derived.
MSMCAInfo_Entry Represents an MCA, Corrected Machine Check (CMC), or Corrected Platform Error (CPE) information entry.
MSMCAInfo_RawCMCEvent Contains a CMC event.
MSMCAInfo_RawCorrectedPlatformEvent Contains a Corrected Platform Event.
MSMCAInfo_RawMCAData Specifies the raw MCA logs.
MSMCAInfo_RawMCAEvent Contains a MCA event.
WmiEvent Abstract base class from which all MCA provider event classes are derived.