Windows Media Player 11 SDK PREVIEWDURATION Element 

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The PREVIEWDURATION element defines the length of time a clip plays in preview mode.


   VALUE = "hh:mm:ss.fract"


VALUE (required)

Length of time (in hours, minutes, seconds, and hundredths of a second) that the clip plays in preview mode.

Parent/Child Elements

Hierarchy Elements
Parent elements ASX, ENTRY, REF
Child elements None


This element defines the length of time that a clip plays in preview mode. If this element appears within an ENTRY element or a REF element, it applies to the clip defined by that element. If it appears within the scope of an ASX element, it applies to every clip in the metafile. A PREVIEWDURATION element in a REF element takes precedence over one in an ENTRY element, and either takes precedence over a PREVIEWDURATION element in an ASX element. If no PREVIEWDURATION element is defined for a clip, the default preview time is 10 seconds.

If there is a STARTTIME or STARTMARKER element for the clip, Windows Media Player renders the clip starting at the point defined by one of these elements; otherwise it renders from the beginning of the clip. The clip stops normally if it is shorter than the time defined by the PREVIEWDURATION element.

The DURATION element overrides a PREVIEWDURATION element.

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Windows Media Player version 7.0 or later.

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