Windows Media Player 11 SDK IWMPContentPartner Interface 

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IWMPContentPartner Interface

Note   This section describes functionality designed for use by online stores. Use of this functionality outside the context of an online store is not supported.

The IWMPContentPartner interface provides methods that Windows Media Player calls to integrate its user interface with an online store's catalog and services. This interface is implemented by a content partner plug-in, which is provided by the online store. Windows Media Player retrieves a pointer to this interface by calling QueryInterface through a pointer to an IWMPSubscriptionService interface.

In addition to the methods inherited from IUnknown, the IWMPContentPartner interface exposes the following methods.

Method Description
Authenticate Authenticates the user.
Buy Initiates the purchase of digital media content.
CanBuySilent Calculates the total price of a purchase and determines whether the purchase can proceed without displaying a dialog box.
CompareContainerListPrices Compares the price of two content container lists.
Download Initiates the download of a set of media items.
DownloadTrackComplete Notifies the content partner plug-in that Windows Media Player has finished downloading a track or that the download attempt failed.
GetCatalogURL Retrieves the URL from which to retrieve an update to the online store's current catalog.
GetCommands Retrieves context menu commands.
GetContentPartnerInfo Retrieves specific information about the online store.
GetItemInfo Retrieves a URL, a caption, or a description from the online store.
GetListContents Initiates the retrieval of the list of media items that appears in a particular library view.
GetStreamingURL Retrieves the streaming URL of a track.
GetTemplate Retrieves the URL of the discovery page to be displayed when the library view changes in Windows Media Player.
InvokeCommand Invokes a context menu command.
Login Signs the user in to the online store.
Logout Ends the user's online store session.
Notify Provides the content partner plug-in with event notifications from Windows Media Player.
RefreshLicense Initiates the update of a license for the specified media file.
SendMessage Enables discovery pages to send messages to the plug-in.
SetCallback Provides the plug-in with a pointer for calling Windows Media Player methods.
StationEvent Notifies the plug-in of events during playback of a Windows Media metafile playlist (ASX).
UpdateDevice Notifies the plug-in that a portable device is being synchronized.
VerifyPermission Initiates the process of verifying permission for Windows Media Player to perform an action.

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