Windows Media Player 11 SDK IWMPContentPartner::GetListContents 

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Note   This section describes functionality designed for use by online stores. Use of this functionality outside the context of an online store is not supported.

The GetListContents method initiates the retrieval of the list of media items that appear in a dynamic list.


HRESULT GetListContents(
  BSTR  location,
  VARIANT*  pContext,
  BSTR  bstrListType,
  BSTR  bstrParams,
  DWORD  dwListCookie



[in]  A library location constant that specifies the type of library view that will have its list retrieved. For example, the constant g_szCPListID specifies that a particular list will be retrieved.


[in]  The ID of the specific item that will have its list retrieved. For example, if location is g_szCPListID, then this parameter is the ID of the list that will be retrieved.


[in]  A library location constant that specifies the type of an individual list item. For example, the constant g_szCPAlbumID specifies that the items in the list are albums.


[in]  Parameters, meaningful only to the online store, associated with the retrieved list. See Remarks.


[in]  A cookie used to identify the list retrieval operation. (The plug-in passes this cookie to IWMPContentPartnerCallback::AddListContents and IWMPContentPartnerCallback::ListContentsComplete.)

Return Values

The method returns an HRESULT. Possible values include, but are not limited to, those in the following table.

Return code Description
S_OK The method succeeded.


Retrieving list contents is an asynchronous operation. This method should initiate the retrieval and return immediately. Then the plug-in must make one or more calls to IWMPContentPartnerCallback::AddListContents to supply Windows Media Player with the requested list contents. When the plug-in has supplied all the data, it must call IWMPContentPartnerCallback::ListContentsComplete to signal the end of the operation. In each case, the plug-in passes the cookie provided in dwListCookie to identify the correct list retrieval session.


Version: Windows Media Player 11

Header: contentpartner.h

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