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Windows Media Player 11 SDK ENTRYREF Element 

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The ENTRYREF element points to the ENTRY elements in an external metafile.


   HREF = "URL"


HREF (required)

URL to a referenced metafile.


This attribute is no longer supported.

Parent/Child Elements

Hierarchy Elements
Parent elements ASX, EVENT, REPEAT
Child elements None


This element points to the contents of an external metafile. Windows Media Player processes the ENTRY elements of the referenced metafile as if they were included in the primary metafile at the position of the ENTRYREF element. However, it skips any ENTRY elements in the referenced metafile that have the SKIPIFREF attribute set to YES.

Windows Media Player 7.0, 7.1, and Windows Media Player for Windows XP ignore any ENTRYREF elements in the referenced metafile. Thus, metafiles can only be nested one level deep when using these versions of the Player. Windows Media Player also ignores the ASX element in the referenced file along with its attributes. Windows Media Player 9 Series or later supports nesting metafiles up to five levels deep.

The URL specified in the HREF attribute becomes the base URL for any relative URLs in the external metafile. This URL is used when an entry from the external metafile is playing and the user adds it to the library.

Example Code

   <TITLE>Example of Using EntryRef</TITLE>
   <ENTRYREF HREF="http://sample.microsoft.com/metafile.asx" />


Windows Media Player version 7.0 or later.

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