IUpdateHistoryEntry Properties

The IUpdateHistoryEntry interface defines the following properties.

ClientApplicationID Gets the identifier of the client application that processed an update.
Date Gets the date and the time an update was applied.
Description Gets the description of an update.
HResult Gets the HRESULT value that is returned from the operation on an update.
Operation Gets an UpdateOperation value that specifies the operation on an update.
ResultCode Gets an OperationResultCode value that specifies the result of an operation on an update.
ServerSelection Gets the ServerSelection value that indicates which server provided an update.
ServiceID Gets the service identifier of an update service that is not a Windows update.
SupportUrl Gets a hyperlink to the language-specific support information for an update.
Title Gets the title of an update.
UninstallationNotes Gets the uninstallation notes of an update.
UninstallationSteps Gets the IStringCollection interface that contains the uninstallation steps for an update.
UnmappedResultCode Gets the unmapped result code that is returned from an operation on an update.
UpdateIdentity Gets a string. The string contains the unique identifier of an update.