Int64ShllMod32 macro

Performs a left logical shift operation on an unsigned 64-bit integer value. The function provides improved shifting code for left logical shifts where the shift count is in the range 0-31.


ULONGLONG Int64ShllMod32(
  [in] ULONGLONG Value,
  [in] DWORD     ShiftCount


Value [in]

The unsigned 64-bit integer to be shifted.

ShiftCount [in]

The shift count in the range 0-31.

Return value

The return value is the unsigned 64-bit integer result of the left logical shift operation.


The shift count is the number of bit positions that the value's bits move.

In a left logical shift operation on an unsigned value, the value's bits move to the left, and vacated bits on the right side of the value are set to zero.

A compiler can generate optimal code for a left logical shift operation when the shift count is a constant. However, if the shift count is a variable whose range of values is unknown, the compiler must assume the worst case, leading to non-optimal code: code that calls a subroutine, or code that is inline but branches. By restricting the shift count to the range 0-31, the Int64ShllMod32 function lets the compiler generate optimal or near-optimal code.

Please note that the Int64ShllMod32 function's Value parameter and return value are 64-bit values, not LARGE_INTEGER structures.


Minimum supported client

Windows XP [desktop apps | UWP apps]

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2003 [desktop apps | UWP apps]


Winnt.h (include Windows.h)

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