LogonType (principalType) Element
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LogonType (principalType) Element

Specifies the security logon method required to run those tasks associated with the principal.

<xs:element name="LogonType"

The LogonType element is defined by the principalType complex type.

Parent element

ElementDerived fromDescription
Principal principalType

Specifies the security credentials for a principal.


The LogonType element and the UserId element are used together to define the user required to run those tasks that use this principal.

For scripting development, the logon type for the principal is specified by the Principal.LogonType property.

For C++ development, the logon type for the principal is specified by the IPrincipal::LogonType property.

This element (defined by the logonType simple type) must have one of the following values.

  • S4U: User must log on using a service for user (S4U) logon. When an S4U logon is used, no password is stored by the system and there is no access to the network or encrypted files.
  • Password: User must log on using a password.
  • InteractiveToken: User must already be logged on. The task will be run only in an existing interactive session.

For a task, that contains a message box action, the message box will be displayed if the task is activated and the task has an interactive logon type. To set the task logon type to be interactive, specify InteractiveToken in the <LogonType> element of the task principal.


Minimum supported client

Windows Vista [desktop apps only]

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps only]

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