POPUP resource

Defines a menu item that can contain menu items and submenus.

POPUP text, [optionlist] {item-definitions ...}



String that contains the name of the menu. This string must be enclosed in double quotation marks (").


This parameter specifies redefined menu options that specify the appearance of the menu item. This optional parameter can be one or more of the following.

CHECKEDMenu item has a check mark next to it. This option is not valid for a top-level menu.
GRAYEDMenu item is initially inactive and appears on the menu in gray or a lightened shade of the menu-text color. This option cannot be used with the INACTIVE option.
HELPIdentifies a help item. The menu item is place at the right-most position on the menu bar.
INACTIVEMenu item is displayed but it cannot be selected. This option cannot be used with the GRAYED option.
MENUBARBREAKSame as MENUBREAK except that for pop-up menus, it separates the new column from the old column with a vertical line.
MENUBREAKPlaces the menu item on a new line for static menu-bar items. For menus, it places the menu item in a new column with no dividing line between the columns.


Certain attributes are also supported for backward compatibility. For more information, see Common Resource Attributes.


The following example demonstrates the use of the POPUP statement:

chem MENU
    POPUP "&Elements"
         MENUITEM "&Oxygen", 200
         MENUITEM "&Carbon", 201, CHECKED
         MENUITEM "&Hydrogen", 202
         MENUITEM "&Sulfur", 203
         MENUITEM "Ch&lorine", 204
    POPUP "&Compounds"
         POPUP "&Sugars"
            MENUITEM "&Glucose", 301
            MENUITEM "&Sucrose", 302, CHECKED
            MENUITEM "&Lactose", 303, MENUBREAK
            MENUITEM "&Fructose", 304
         POPUP "&Acids"
              "&Hydrochloric", 401
              "&Sulfuric", 402

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