ICON Control

ICON control

Defines an icon control. This control is an icon displayed in a dialog box.

The ICON control statement, which you can use only in a DIALOGEX statement, defines the icon-resource identifier, icon-control identifier, position, and attributes of a control.

ICON text, id, x, y [, width, height, style [, extended-style]]


Name of an icon (not a file name) defined elsewhere in the resource file.


This value is ignored and should be set to zero.


This value is ignored and should be set to zero.


Control style. This parameter is optional. The only value that can be specified is the SS_ICON style. This is the default style whether this parameter is specified or not.

For more information about the general syntax of a control statement, see Common Control Parameters.


This example defines an icon control whose icon identifier is 901 and whose name is myicon:

ICON "myicon", 901, 30, 30

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