Cryptography Enumerations

The following enumerations are used by cryptography functions and methods.

CAPICOM_ACTIVE_DIRECTORY_SEARCH_LOCATION Indicates the location to be searched for an Active Directory certificate store.
CAPICOM_ATTRIBUTE Defines the kind of attribute associated with a signature.
CAPICOM_CERT_INFO_TYPE Defines what information is to be queried from a certificate.
CAPICOM_CERTIFICATE_FIND_TYPE Defines the type of search criteria used to find specific certificates.
CAPICOM_CERTIFICATE_INCLUDE_OPTION Defines which certificates in a chain are saved.
CAPICOM_CERTIFICATE_SAVE_AS_TYPE Defines the format of a file that contains certificate information.
CAPICOM_CERTIFICATES_SAVE_AS_TYPE Defines the format of a file that contains certificates information.
CAPICOM_CHECK_FLAG Defines the conditions for which a certificate chain is to be checked.
CAPICOM_EKU Defines the extended key usage names based on where they can be used.
CAPICOM_ENCODING_TYPE Indicates the encoding type used.
CAPICOM_ENCRYPTION_ALGORITHM Defines the algorithms to be used in encryption and decryption.
CAPICOM_ENCRYPTION_KEY_LENGTH Defines the key length to be used in encryption.
CAPICOM_ERROR_CODE Defines error codes that are returned by CAPICOM.
CAPICOM_EXPORT_FLAG Defines if any private key export errors are ignored.
CAPICOM_HASH_ALGORITHM Defines a hash algorithm.
CAPICOM_KEY_ALGORITHM Defines key algorithms.
CAPICOM_KEY_LOCATION Defines key location types.
CAPICOM_KEY_SPEC Defines key specifications.
CAPICOM_KEY_STORAGE_FLAG Defines key storage flags.
CAPICOM_KEY_USAGE Defines the ways in which a key can be used.
CAPICOM_OID Provides the names for CAPICOM object identifiers.
CAPICOM_PROPID Defines the CAPICOM property identifiers.
CAPICOM_PROV_TYPE Specifies the type of cryptographic service provider.
CAPICOM_SECRET_TYPE Indicates the kind of secret used to derive a key to be used for encryption or decryption of data.
CAPICOM_SIGNED_DATA_VERIFY_FLAG Indicates the encoding type used.
CAPICOM_STORE_LOCATION Indicates the location of a certificate store.
CAPICOM_STORE_OPEN_MODE Indicates how a certificate store is to be opened.
CAPICOM_STORE_SAVE_AS_TYPE Indicates the encoding of a certificate store.
CARD_DIRECTORY_ACCESS_CONDITION Specifies access control permissions for a directory on a smart card.
CARD_FILE_ACCESS_CONDITION Specifies access control permissions for a file on a smart card.
CASetupProperty Specifies a property type for setup and configuration of a certification authority (CA) role when using the ICertSrvSetup interface.
CEPSetupProperty Specifies a property type that can be set on or retrieved from an ICertificateEnrollmentPolicyServerSetup interface.
CESSetupProperty Specifies a property type that can be set on or retrieved from an ICertificateEnrollmentServerSetup interface.
CRYPT_XML_PROPERTY_ID Specifies the type and usage of the XML property.
CRYPT_XML_CHARSET Used to specify the character set used in the XML.
CRYPT_XML_KEYINFO_SPEC Specifies values for the dwKeyInfoSpec parameter in the CryptXmlSign function.
ENUM_CATYPES Specifies a certification authority (CA) type.
ENUM_PERIOD Specifies the units of a time span.
KEYSVC_TYPE Indicates whether a key applies to a computer or a service.
MSCEPSetupProperty Specifies a property type for setup and configuration of a Microsoft Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) role using IMSCEPSetup.