Smart Card Database Query Functions

The following functions query the smart card database. They can provide a list of smart cards supplied by a specific user, the interfaces and primary service provider of a specific card, the reader groups defined for the system, and the readers within a set of reader groups.

When you use these functions, you can query the complete smart card database, or you can narrow the search by setting the resource manager context. The resource manager context is set by calling SCardEstablishContext before calling a query function.

Note  Without a specified context, some information may still be inaccessible due to security restrictions.
SCardGetProviderId Retrieve the identifier (GUID) of the primary service provider for the given card.
SCardListCards Retrieve a list of cards previously introduced to the system by a specific user.
SCardListInterfaces Retrieve the identifiers (GUIDs) of the interfaces supplied by a given card.
SCardListReaderGroups Retrieve a list of reader groups that have previously been introduced to the system.
SCardListReaders Retrieve the list of readers within a set of named reader groups.