Sending Messages to the GINA

Winlogon sends messages to the GINA while dialog boxes are displayed. These messages are all encapsulated in the WLX_WM_SAS message as follows.

Secure attention sequence type in wParam parameterDescription
WLX_SAS_TYPE_CTRL_ALT_DELIndicates that a CTRL+ALT+DEL key sequence was received.
WLX_SAS_TYPE_SC_INSERTIndicates that a smart card has been inserted into a compatible device.
WLX_SAS_TYPE_SC_REMOVEIndicates that a smart card has been removed from a compatible device.
WLX_SAS_TYPE_USER_LOGOFFIndicates that a user requested logoff.
WLX_SAS_TYPE_SCRNSVR_TIMEOUTIndicates that the screen saver should be run due to lack of user input.
WLX_SAS_TYPE_TIMEOUTIndicates that no user input was received within the specified time-out period.


For time-outs and logoffs, Winlogon will close the dialog box after the message has been sent. This message is sent so the dialog box operation can respond in a useful manner (for example, by closing itself down if a logoff has occurred).

For input time-outs, the dialog box is closed with the code WLX_DLG_INPUT_TIMEOUT.

For screen saver time-outs, the dialog box is closed with the code WLX_DLG_SCREEN_SAVER_TIMEOUT.

For logoffs, the dialog box operation is closed with the code WLX_DLG_USER_LOGOFF.

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