Supporting Tasks for Authorization in C++

The following tasks support the main tasks listed in Using Authorization in C++.

Creating an Authorization Policy Store in C++ Create an authorization policy before or during the installation of an application.
Establishing a Client Context with Authorization Manager in C++ Create a client context with a handle to a token, a domain and user name, or a string representation of the security identifier (SID) of the client.
Qualifying Access with Business Logic in C++ Provide run-time logic for checking access.
Defining Permissions with ACLs in C++ Define which clients have access to which resources by creating and modifying the ACLs associated with those resources and by enabling and disabling client privileges.
Establishing a Client Context from a SID in C++ Identify a user, group, or computer account. Use SIDs to check access rights to resources.
Verifying Client Access with ACLs in C++ Check the access rights that a security descriptor allows for a client.
Finding the Owner of a File Object in C++ Find and print the name of the owner of a file.
Taking Object Ownership in C++ Change the DACL of a file object by taking ownership of that object.