WCM Enumerations

The following table lists enumerations for the settings management infrastructure.

WcmDataType Enumerates the data types that may be returned from the ISettingsItem::GetDataType method.
WcmNamespaceAccess Describes the options that are passed to ISettingsEngine::GetNamespace to choose how the namespace is accessed.
WcmNamespaceEnumerationFlags Describes the various types of enumeration flags.
WcmRestrictionFacets Enumerates the facet values that may be returned by the ISettingsItem::GetRestrictionFacets method.
WcmSettingType Describes setting types that are returned from the ISettingsItem::GetSettingType method and defines the object model type for the calling ISettingsItem interface.
WcmTargetMode Enumerates the various target modes.
WcmUserStatus Describes the status of the user.




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