Using the MRU Source List

The SetupSetSourceList function will open or create a source list on the user's system. You can specify to set the user list, the system list, a combination of the user and system lists, or a temporary list as the MRU source list. If a temporary list is used, it will be the only list available to the setup application until SetupCancelTemporarySourceList is called, or SetupSetSourceList is called a second time.

After a list is set, you can query the source list by using SetupQuerySourceList to obtain an array of the source paths. When the source list array is no longer needed, you must call the SetupFreeSourceList function to free the resources allocated by SetupQuerySourceList.

To add a path to a source list, either one that is resident on the user's system, or a temporary list, call SetupAddToSourceList. If the source list specified is not temporary, that source will remain on the user's system and is accessible to subsequent installations.

To remove a path from the source path, call the SetupRemoveFromSourceList function.



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