Using the Disk-Space List

Before you can add or remove file operations from the disk-space list, you must create it by using the SetupCreateDiskSpaceList function.

After you create a disk-space list you can add individual file copy or delete operations to the list by using SetupAddToDiskSpaceList. To add all the file copy or delete operations in an entire INF section, use either the SetupAddSectionToDiskSpaceList or SetupAddInstallSectionToDiskSpaceList function.

After you add all the installation operations to the disk-space list, you can query it to find out how much disk space is required for the specified installation by using the SetupQuerySpaceRequiredOnDrive function.

The SetupQueryDrivesInDiskSpaceList function returns the drive specifications for each target drive referenced in the file operations on the disk-space list. You can use this information to programmatically compare the available space on these drives with the space required by the installation.

To remove a file operation from the disk-space list, use the SetupRemoveFromDiskSpaceList function. To remove all file copy or delete operations from an entire INF section, use the SetupRemoveSectionFromDiskSpaceList or SetupRemoveInstallSectionFromDiskSpaceList function.

After the disk-space list is no longer required, you can release the resources allocated to it by calling the SetupDestroyDiskSpaceList function.