Certificate and Trust Return Values

The following table lists the certificate and certificate trust return values. These values are contained in the header file Winerror.h.

CERT_E_CRITICALA certificate contains an unknown extension that is marked "critical."0x800B0105
CERT_E_INVALID_NAMEThe certificate has a name that is not valid. The name is either not included in the permitted list or is explicitly excluded.0x800B0114
CERT_E_INVALID_POLICYThe certificate has a policy that is not valid.0x800B0113
CERT_E_ISSUERCHAININGA parent of a given certificate in fact did not issue that child certificate.0x800B0107
CERT_E_MALFORMEDA certificate is missing or has an empty value for an important field, such as a subject or issuer name.0x800B0108
CERT_E_PATHLENCONSTA path length constraint in the certification chain has been violated.0x800B0104
CERT_E_UNTRUSTEDCAA certification chain processed correctly, but one of the CA certificates is not trusted by the policy provider.0x800B0112
CRYPT_E_NO_REVOCATION_CHECKThe revocation function was unable to check revocation for the certificate.0x80092012
TRUST_E_BAD_DIGESTThe digital signature of the object did not verify.0x80096010
TRUST_E_BASIC_CONSTRAINTSThe basic constraint extension of a certificate has not been observed.0x80096019
TRUST_E_CERT_SIGNATUREThe signature of the certificate cannot be verified.0x80096004
TRUST_E_COUNTER_SIGNEROne of the counter signatures was not valid.0x80096003
TRUST_E_EXPLICIT_DISTRUSTThe certificate was explicitly marked as untrusted by the user.0x800B0111
TRUST_E_FINANCIAL_CRITERIAThe certificate does not meet or contain the Authenticode financial extensions.0x8009601E
TRUST_E_NO_SIGNER_CERTThe certificate for the signer of the message is not valid or not found.0x80096002
TRUST_E_SYSTEM_ERRORA system-level error occurred while verifying trust.0x80096001
TRUST_E_TIME_STAMPThe time stamp signature or certificate could not be verified or is malformed.0x80096005