RSoP Security WMI Classes Illustrated

The RSOP_SecuritySettings class is the abstract class from which other RSoP security classes derive. Instances of RSOP_SecuritySettings are not logged. An instance of each of the other WMI security classes is logged to the \\root\rsop namespace every time Group Policy applies security policy in a domain environment. RSOP_SecuritySettings derives from the RSOP_PolicySetting class.

To view the RSoP schema, use a CIMOM schema browser and target the \\.\root\rsop namespace. You can also view RSoP security data in a user-friendly manner using the RSoP MMC snap-in. For example, the snap-in displays the order (or precedence) in which security policy settings are applied. A "winning" policy has a precedence equal to 1. Following is an illustration of the RSoP security WMI classes.

RSoP security WMI classes